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Sustainability and ESG

Taking responsibility for a sustainable future

We are working hard to make our business and the services we deliver to customers as sustainable as possible. We’re innovative problem solvers who are dedicated to customer service, passionate about supply chains and through our relationships, create sustainable growth.

Our responsibility

A big part of making Ligentia a great place to work is acknowledging our responsibilities in monitoring good ethical
behaviour, concern for employees’ health and safety, and care for the environment and community.

As our global population grows, so too does demand for goods, and so one of society’s greatest challenges is how to meet these needs in a way that is more sustainable, efficient and harmonised with the needs of both consumers and regulators.

We believe that sustainability is an urgent priority within our sector. Our industry must address critical challenges around the environmental and social impact of supply chains. And at Ligentia, we are up for this challenge.

Our sustainability priorities and agenda reflect what’s right for our organisation – addressing issues that matter to our customers, and where we are uniquely positioned to make a difference.


Aligning our actions to the needs of our global community

We've are committed to the UN Global Compact and UN Sustainable Development Goals and are working to be part of the solution because it’s the right thing for the long-term sustainability of our business and for society. These are embedded in our three sustainability pillars outlined below.

Pillar #1: Healthy environment

We are committed to actively reduce our own emissions and to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals, reduce emissions and optimise supply chain performance. We are achieving this through:

  • Decarbonisation
    All customers using Ligentix will receive enhanced digital tools and technology that enables them to measure and reduce freight emissions. This is achieved through providing visibility of their supply chain CO2 emissions and identifying opportunities for low carbon solutions, certified carbon offsetting and insetting.
  • Optimisation
    Through efficient practices and forecasting, we are reducing emissions through better equipment utilisation, more efficient packing and upstream consolidation solutions. We’re also reducing reliance on air freight through better management of end-to-end lead times and aligning manufacturing outputs with sales to reduce inventory and waste.
  • Awareness & education
    We’re training and upskilling customer facing teams, equipping them with the context, content and confidence to talk knowledgably about environmental sustainability, providing them with the data and tools to support customers with informed decision making. We’re also fostering a culture that enables innovation around low carbon products and solutions.

You can learn more about our plans to decarbonise our business in our latest carbon reduction plan.

Pillar #2: Thriving people

We know the more diverse our business, the more balanced our view. That’s why we champion it at every step, so we can carry on pushing the boundaries of supply chain management together, with diverse knowledge and new ideas. Everyone at Ligentia has talent and there are opportunities for all our people. We aim to make sure that we create a workplace and culture where we all belong, and every colleague is valued and has equality of opportunity. We are achieving this through:

  • Inclusive leadership
    Developing the capability of our leaders, so they can support every individual to reach their full potential regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin or disability
  • Gender balance
    Promoting workforce diversity and inclusion and accelerate advancement opportunities for women across our management population
  • People development
    Creating a culture and working environment that attracts the best talent and supports the development (professional and personal), empowerment and wellbeing of our people

Pillar #3: Strengthening communities

From recruitment and training to local procurement and corporate social investment we ensure long-term and sustainable economic growth and social progress in the communities where we operate. We are doing this through:

  • Humanitarian aid
    We’re delivering aid to support humanitarian crises in our communities and across the world, working with our customers where appropriate.  In the past year this has included facilitating the transportation of medical aid to Barbados to support the Covid-19 response there, as well as trucking in medical aid to displaced Ukrainians living inside Ukraine and in neighbouring countries.
  • Ambassadors for good
    We’re creating a framework that enables and encourages our people to get involved in local and regional charitable activities and volunteering that support the communities where they live and operate.  In 2022, our colleagues in Shanghai supported the local covid response by volunteering in Covid testing booths. Meanwhile in Brisbane, our team participated in a programme that mentored vulnerable young people.
  • Charity partnerships
    We’re developing a framework and guidelines for regional charity partnerships that reinforce our values and brand. Additionally in 2023, we also intend to partner with a global charity that we can all get behind.