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Rail freight

Flexible, sustainable rail freight services, from China to Europe

Move your freight sustainably overland with our reliable and timely rail freight services, including export and import shipments, FCL and LCL and cross-trade transport.

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A win for both business and the environment

Flexible and timely, rail freight is great alternative to ocean, road or air transport. For companies wanting to extract greater value from their supply chain, rail freight is reliable and quick, while also offering significant advantage for organisations wanting to minimise their carbon footprint.

Rail solutions for greater supply chain advantage

Flexible service

Flexible rail freight that offers cost-effectiveness option for customers looking for FCL and LCL solutions.

Quick and sustainable

Rail freight is faster than ocean shipments, whilst also being more sustainable than air or road transport.

FCL import and export

FCL import shipments can be sent from a range of railway terminals in China and we accept shipments in key terminals across Europe.

LCL import and export

We offer customers a regular weekly LCL service, based on long-term rates. We typically use a deconsolidation warehouse located in central Poland, from where we can distribute your products across Poland and Europe.

Interested in learning more about rail freight and how it could deliver value for your supply chain?

We are experts in designing solutions that offer supply chain advantage, including rail freight. Contact our team to learn more about how we can help today.

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