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Supply chain data management

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End-to-end supply chain data management and integration is critical for getting the right level of insight into your supply chain operations. Empower your team with enhanced, data driven decision making, stay competitive, agile and responsive to the changing needs of your customers.

One tool, more control

We know complex supply chains take a lot of work to manage. So, it’s traditionally been the norm to bring in a mix of processes and service providers - especially as they evolve over time. But this brings with it very little opportunity for understanding and optimising your data.

What if you could manage your supply chain in one place, with a tool that adapts to suit your changing needs? That’s where Ligentix can help: our fully connected supply chain management platform with integrated data analytics.

How does it work?

Ligentix gives you an end-to-end view of your supply chain in one place. Fully connected to your ERP purchase order systems, you can track every PO and individual SKU through every individual supplier, carrier, and delivery milestone. Key dates, quantities, costs, and timings are stored and visible in real time. All this data then builds into your supply chain analytics tool set. This data-driven business intelligence is used to create a complete picture of your supply chain, making it easier for you and our experts to identify opportunities for optimisation.

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Get more from your supply chain

Stay fully connected

Ligentix tracks and stores every data point down to SKU level and connects to every critical supply chain system. Our Purchase Order Integration System (POIS) connects with your ERP system to manage your POs with every supplier. Ligentix is also fully integrated with external carrier and airline systems to manage freight movement and can be integrated with external WMS and TMS systems to manage delivery at destination.

See each SKU end-to-end

Because Ligentix is completely PO-driven it means you can track and analyse down to SKU level. This gives you and your stakeholders valuable, specific SKU information for stakeholders. Plus product ranges across multiple suppliers and trade lanes for detailed landed cost analysis at every level - from country, trade-lane and supplier, to department, range, product or individual SKU.

Access business intelligence analytics

All your supply chain data is stored alongside broader industry data in your suite of business intelligence data analytics. It means you can use the tools for something as simple as regular KPI reporting, to finding new and innovative ways to optimise your supply chain, improving performance and driving down cost.

Get regular KPI reporting

Our supply chain analytics tools give you self-service business intelligence, but the best results come when you add our team of experts too. Our customer service team are always there to work with you to deliver regular KPI reports focused on your unique supply chain performance elements.

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“Imponująca technologia”

Technologia, której Ligentia jest pionierem, jest naprawdę imponująca. Nie tylko wygląda bardzo dobrze i jest konfigurowalna, lecz także pomaga usprawnić nasze procesy.

  • Dyrektor ds. globalnej logistyki
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Ideal Standard

“Asia to Europe supply chain integration”

Through a structured implementation programme, Ligentia integrated Ligentix with SAP and rolled this out to the Asia supplier base and destination offices throughout Europe. Ligentia have engaged with all areas of the business and manage other providers under the 4PL umbrella effectively to become an extension of [our] business.

  • European Logistics Director
  • Ideal Standard

“World-class software”

We chose to work with Ligentia on the strength of Ligentix their world-class supply chain management software.

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