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Supply chain cost management

Total cost management of your supply chain

Find out how we work with you to streamline your supply chain, making it more cost-effective from origin to delivery.

Managing supply chain costs

It’s no secret that freight rates have risen dramatically in recent years. Even though rates are settling down now, overall supply chain costs remain high and have become a key focus for C-level executives as their impact on the bottom line has increased.

Supply chain managers have never been more in the spotlight and under pressure to deliver cost reduction to their stakeholders and wider business.

Taking control

We have over 25 years experience leveraging our expertise and connected technology to help drive down costs across the supply chain.

  • Our transparent freight rates with no hidden charges lay the foundation for cost control.
  • Ligentix supply chain management platform provides all the tools for you, or our logistics experts to manage end to end cost on your behalf.
  • Origin and destination teams are focussed on increased efficiency to deliver constant cost management at every stage of the supply chain
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Cost management levers for smarter supply chains

Complete control

Our supply chain management platform Ligentix puts you in control of every freight movement. Automated exception highlighting lets you focus on out-of-parameter quantities or date ranges and only provide approval for shipments that make commercial sense.

Increased visibility

Our data analytics and financial reporting shows you full cost and performance across your entire supply chain. And with landed cost data available down to SKU level, you have all the information at hand to make strategic cost management decisions.

Intelligent consolidations

Our origin expert teams work closely with suppliers and carriers to maximise efficiency and drive down costs. Through real-time intelligent consolidations, technology-assisted maximum container utilisation and innovative freight routing, our experts give you constant cost control.

Efficient supply chains

Our teams work closely with you to regularly review and manage KPIs and drive down cost year-on-year. We can also help with major supply chain restructuring to rebuild efficiency at every step for long-term, sustainable cost reductions.

Card Factory

“An integral part of our growth”

We have seen significant growth within our business over the last 4 years and Ligentia have played an integral part in supporting that growth by assisting with the increasing movement of goods whilst implementing new initiatives to drive down costs. Ligentia is unique in their approach to supply chain management; they show a pro-active determination in firstly understanding our business which gives me confidence that the solutions they present are aligned to our individual business objectives.

  • Head of Global Logistics
  • Card Factory
The Works

“Adding significant value in all areas of our business””

The Ligentia team has helped us to transform our international supply chain through supplier collaboration and world-class PO visibility, which was even more crucial in the uncertain times of Covid. The Works are always looking at ways to continue offering our customers the best possible experience in our 530 stores and on our ecommerce platform. Ligentia, through their technology and operation, are adding significant value in all areas of our business.

  • Supply Chain Director
  • The Works

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