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Supply chain management

Tech, team and data: the winning formula behind supply chain success

We combine cutting edge technology, expert teams and deep data analytics to give you total control and visibility across your global supply chain. Our approach means we can always help you find a better way.

Cutting the complexity of supply chain management

As a global supply chain manager, we keep things moving for companies with complex supply chains. Our team of dedicated, passionate problem solvers, backed by smart technology and flexible infrastructure, are here to make supply chain complexity much simpler.

We do this by anticipating and seamlessly negotiating problems, building supply chains that are flexible, sustainable and ready to handle unexpected change. Ultimately, we make it easier for you to focus on your customers and move goods around the globe.

Ligentix: our supply chain platform

Our supply chain management platform, Ligentix, was designed in collaboration with customers like you. This powerful, flexible platform gives you full visibility of each SKU, from factories, to carriers, all the way to delivery. So, you can easily see and control inventories across the world, using digital data to make decisions and overcome challenges as they arise.

Take a look

Tech, data and dedicated teams

Big picture view

With Ligentix you see the big picture, giving you control to create efficient supply chains and react quickly to disruption so you can provide real stakeholder value.

Passionate problem solving

Our dedicated, expert teams across the globe help to meet your targets by delivering a best-in-class, flexible service focused on your needs, taking away supply chain pain.

Actionable data analytics

With Ligentix you can track every critical path event down at individual SKU level for every purchase order. With our data analytics toolset and KPI reporting, we can help you to create efficient, frictionless supply chains for better bottom line value.

Help when you need it

Our Customer Hub provides a single point where you can access news and information, support queries and documentation. Free up your inbox and send queries and instructions directly to our experts at the click of a button.


“Standout commitment to technology and supply chain visibility”

Our requirement for an International freight partner had to marry up with the Myer Customer First Plan and our move into becoming a data driven business. Ligentia’s commitment to proven technology and supply chain visibility, combined with their customer hub and people approach, made it an easy decision for us. Ligentia’s freight and OVAS services coverage from Asia, Sub-continent and European origins, provides Myer with a dependable and agile supply chain platform to deliver our directly sourced products into Australia effectively and with transparent efficiency.

  • Tony Carr, Executive General Manager, Supply Chain
  • Myer
Card Factory

“A unique approach”

Ligentia is unique in their approach to supply chain management; they show a pro-active determination in firstly understanding our business which gives me confidence that the solutions they present are aligned to our individual business objectives.

  • Head of Global Logistics
  • Card Factory

“Global freight knowledge”

The dedicated global team at Ligentia is a small but extremely dedicated and knowledgeable team involved in every part of our overseas supply chain whether that be liaising with our suppliers, our carriers, hauliers or our internal DC and vehicle booking teams. I very much appreciate and value the commitment and loyalty shown by everyone, at every level, involved in our account at Ligentia.


“Elastyczność i ciągłe doskonalenie”

Współpraca z zespołem Grupy Ligentia pokazuje, że znają oni naszą działalność od podszewki i potrafią sprawnie reagować, gdy musimy sprostać skokowym wzrostom popytu. Jednak poza codziennym sprawnym funkcjonowaniem naszego łańcucha dostaw regularnie się spotykamy, aby dokonać przeglądu ogólnej wydajności łańcucha dostaw w odniesieniu do celów. Zawsze szukamy sposobów na to, by działać oszczędniej i mądrzej, i widzimy, że nasze własne zaangażowanie w ciągłe doskonalenie wpisuje się w podejście zespołu Grupy Ligentia.

  • Neal Austin, globalny dyrektor ds. operacyjnych
  • Mayborn

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