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Supply chain agility

Agile supply chains that stand the test of disruption

Organisations with complex supply chains must be able to adapt and respond to changes in demand, supply, or external factors such as the economy, geopolitical events and natural disasters, whilst continuing to meet customer needs and maintain profitability.

Create an agile supply chain

Supply chain agility can be difficult to create. Disruption and expensive bottlenecks that are totally out of your control can happen at any time. But with Ligentia you can react to disruption fast, meaning that everything from creating marketing plans to rescheduling sales promotions is easier to manage.

Expert teams meet innovative tech

Our global expert teams and integrated supply chain technology work together to give you supply chain agility. Our PO-integrated platform Ligentix, with SKU level, real time status visibility gives you more control. So our expert teams at origin and destination can identify and alert you to potential disruption as it arises. This could be anything from port closures, to carrier problems, to customs backlogs, so you know sooner and can react faster.

Discover Ligentix

Our approach: how we react and respond to supply chain disruption

Complete carrier independence

Ligentia is completely independent, so we can choose the best freight for you from a wide range of carriers and airlines. This gives you the flexibility to find capacity and switch routing to avoid disruption or bottlenecks. We can also take on management of existing contracts if you need us to.

Expert origin teams

Our origin teams on the ground in Asia provide early alerts of issues and identify which SKUs are impacted. This gives you the ability to move consignments between ports or switch transport modes to streamline your supply chain.

Handy supplier portal

The Ligentix supplier portal is an easy platform to manage supplier bookings. As plans and schedules change, this gives suppliers the power to quickly and easily amend their freight bookings to ensure the supply chain keeps moving with minimum disruption.

Supply chain expertise

When it comes to supply chain agility, our team has over 25 years’ experience. Making the impossible possible is hard-wired into us, uniting everyone with one goal: finding a better way for you. It’s why you’ll find we go above and beyond every day, building strong relationships as we go. Whether it’s re-packing containers, off-loading cargo or re-routing consignments, you can always rely on us.

“On-the-ground support you can rely on”

We embarked on this project when supply chain disruption was at unprecedented levels and the whole world was scrambling to get PPE out of China. Ligentia’s China-based teams offered us crucial connections and on-the-ground support to source and buy the products we needed in record time, and then deliver them to Australia on time and within budget.

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“Agile response”

Working with the team at Ligentia means they know our business inside out and are able to respond with agility when we need to meet spikes in demand.

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The Works

“Adding significant value in all areas of our business””

The Ligentia team has helped us to transform our international supply chain through supplier collaboration and world-class PO visibility, which was even more crucial in the uncertain times of Covid. The Works are always looking at ways to continue offering our customers the best possible experience in our 530 stores and on our ecommerce platform. Ligentia, through their technology and operation, are adding significant value in all areas of our business.

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  • The Works

Take the first step to a more agile supply chain

No matter your industry, investing in supply chain agility can help you stay ahead of the competition and better serve your customers. We're here to help.

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