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Sustainable supply chain management

We move goods around the world, so we make it our business to protect it

Supply chain sustainability has never been more important. We can help you reduce carbon emissions from your supply chain and make it more sustainable.

Helping customers meet their sustainability goals

At Ligentia, we are committed to delivering solutions that help our customers address sustainability within their supply chains. This includes managing highly efficient supply chains on behalf of our customers as well as providing carbon emissions data to support more sustainable decision-making.

Supply chain optimisation

We’re committed to creating and managing highly efficient supply chains for our customers. These efficiencies don’t just help you avoid or reduce costs, they also help reduce carbon emissions through optimisation of your goods movements, better management of end-to-end lead times to reduce reliance on air freight, and much more.

Carbon emissions reporting

Carbon emissions data is crucial to modern supply chain visibility and decision-making. That’s why we’ve partnered with Pledge, the leading provider of supply chain emissions data. We’re extending our Ligentix platform to include Pledge data and insights to help you make informed decisions around carbon emissions and shipment modes.

A collaborative approach

Our unique combination of advanced technology, expert teams and actionable data analytics mean we can help all our customers achieve efficiency and long-term optimisation across their supply chains to deliver business and environmental benefits. To do this, we collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders - manufacturers, brand owners, retailers and carriers.

An approach tailored to your sustainability goals

Our sustainable supply chain solutions cover a wide range of initiatives aimed at driving efficiency, optimisation and sustainability. This includes reviewing near-shoring of suppliers, more efficient fuels and vehicles across all transport modes, increased recycling, more efficient and recyclable packaging and strategies that minimise waste and unnecessary transport.

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