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Evolving customer engagement: enhancements to our customer listening in 2024

In early 2023, we made some significant changes to our approach to customer listening and how we measure customer satisfaction. This included rolling out a customer satisfaction tool to provide us instant feedback on how our Customer Success team handles your support enquries as well as a twice-yearly Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey.

For those customers who have provided us feedback over the last year, thank you so much. It’s absolutely imperative that we listen and take action to ensure that we’re always improving our customer experience, and this isn’t possible without customers who are willing to share candid feedback on the things we do well and where we can improve.

Through your feedback we’ve been working to enhance the experience of our customers. Some of the actions we’ve taken over the last year include:

  • Enhanced visibility for port to warehouse deliveries: With 30% of enquries relating to port to warehouse deliveries, we prioritised the development of the Delivery Module in our tech roadmap. A beta release was launched in Q1 and further functionality is being added in Q2. Your CX manager can provide detailed information and demos to illustrate how this module can help address this issue.
  • Improved accuracy of vessel operators ETAs: Your feedback has highlighted the operational challenges caused by the inaccuracy of vessel operators’ ETAs. To tackle this, we recently announced our partnership with Windward. Integrating Windward Maritime AI™ into Ligentix will provide Ligentia teams and customers access to reliable, real-time data, as well as predictive insights that will enable enhanced decision-making. We’ll share more info on this before the end of Q2.
  • Streamlined billing cycles for Detention and Demurrage: CSAT feedback highlighted a number of challenges for customers around budgeting and invoicing for Detention and Demurrage, so we’ve revised our internal processes. Now, all D&D invoices are agreed and billed in the first week of the following month, significantly reducing the time from activity to billing.
  • Efficient issue resolution: Your feedback enables us to quickly triage issues, ensuring the right people in our business are engaged early on to resolve problems promptly. CSAT also acts as a channel to gather qualitative and quantitative data to shape our training, processes, and technology priorities, enabling us to always be focussed around what matters to our customers the most.
  • Recognition of great work: From the positive feedback you provide via CSAT, we celebrate the outstanding work of our teams and individuals through monthly awards under our ‘Be Bright’ recognition scheme, as well as at our colleague and team of the year awards.

Some changes to the programme in 2024
We’ve also heard your feedback about the listening programme. And, from next week, we are making some changes to the CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) programme in the following ways:

  • CSAT feedback will only be requested once per week, and will no longer be following the resolution of a question or issue.
  • We’re changing the question slightly, so that it’s less focussed on whether you were satisfied about the handling of that particular issue, and more focussed around whether your Ligentia customer team is meeting your needs generally.
  • From time to time, we might include a secondary question alongside the main CSAT question to understand how we performed on a particular service or during a particular event.
  • We will continue the NPS programme. The next NPS survey will run in September 2024.
    We believe that these small changes will help to ensure that we’re asking you to provide feedback at the right frequency to ensure that we’re getting as valuable feedback as possible. If you have any questions about this initiative, please reach out to your Customer Experience or Customer Success Manager.