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Podcast: The relationship between supply chain data and value-adding logistics actions

In the latest episode of the Supply Chain Partners TV & Podcast, Tim Polson, General Manager of Solutions at Ligentia Australia, joins Dr Sharyn Grant, Founder of Supply Chain Partners, to explore the crucial link between supply chain data and value-adding logistics strategies.

What to expect

A few key highlights from the podcast include:

  • Tim explores some of the challenges faced by international supply chains in managing data and optimising processes.
  • Discover how we’re empowering our customers to navigate complexities using supply chain management technology Ligentix and our global network of supply chain experts.
  • Learn more about our performance benchmarking approach and how it enables customers to rigorously monitor supply chain performance.
  • Find out how identifying and addressing issues early enables customers to optimise efficiency and resilience across their supply chain operations.

Watch now

In a rapidly evolving supply chain landscape, data-driven insights are essential for achieving operational excellence. Tune in to the Supply Chain Partners podcast to hear firsthand how we’re driving value and resilience across supply chains:

For more information on how Ligentia can help your business identify and address supply chain data accuracy and order fulfilment issues in advance, reach out to Tim Polson directly or connect with him on LinkedIn.