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Case study

Delivering a global ecommerce fulfilment solution for a fast-growing brand

After gaining initial B2B and then B2C popularity in China, a fast-growing ecommerce retailer that provides premium craft-bottled cocktails planned to expand into Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK and Europe.

The ecommerce retailer required a global fulfilment partner that could support it in delivering its ambitious growth plans while still meeting the modern consumer’s high expectations. As a leading international supply chain technology and services provider, Ligentia was identified as that partner.

Initially, the ecommerce retailer had solely served the B2B market, which included luxury hotels, bars, cruise lines and airlines. In 2020, however, the business decided to embark on its B2C journey, first in China and then beyond.

Here at Ligentia, we worked closely with the customer’s team to implement a global fulfilment solution that perfectly complemented their bold ambitions. Through a combination of supply chain expertise and our innovative ecommerce fulfilment platform, our solution covered:

  • International transportation
  • eCommerce fulfilment operations
  • Last mile B2C delivery
  • Reverse logistics


Global ecommerce fulfilment platform

Our global ecommerce fulfilment platform provided a one-stop-solution for the customer. As a standardised ecommerce product, it was seamlessly integrated with the wider ecosystem, such as marketplaces, warehouses and last mile providers, and enabled easy and swift entrance into new markets.

Acting as a centralised hub, the platform provided a global operations overview, deep dive data, full inventory visibility and data transparency. What’s more, it catered for multiple marketplaces, social media channels and web orders, and provided the customer with one inventory that covers multiple ecommerce sales channels. Reporting features, too, meant that the ecommerce retailer was able to make the best decisions – for the business and its customers – going forward.

With the customer’s Shopify and our supplier’s warehouse management system (WMS) both integrated with the platform, the order process was made incredibly simple. When orders were placed on Shopify, they were then automatically sent through to the platform and then placed into a fulfilment queue for the warehouse to dispatch.

Adding value

As well as implementing our global fulfilment platform, we also provided the customer with value added services (VAS) and customisation services. Additionally, our extensive network of partnerships allowed the provision of multiple, reliable delivery options – something that is incredibly important within the complex online marketplace.

Always striving for operational excellence, Ligentia’s “customer first” approach was delivered through professional and personal service – at both origin and destination. The Customer Success team worked closely with the customer to provide:

  • Regional management
  • Vendor management
  • Operational implementation
  • Systems training
  • Coordination of container collection / release
  • Local points of contact at destination
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Self-serve Customer Hub technology
  • Regular reviews

Using clearly defined priorities and regular health checks, we ensured a commitment to continuous innovation that delivered on shared objectives and targets.

Supporting significant ecommerce growth

Through the platform and our agile service – delivered by Ligentia’s global experts – the customer grew significantly. Having “gone live” in the UK, as well as five other new markets within the space of three months (Hong Kong, Singapore, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium), Ligentia continued to work with the customer as they expanded into a number of other European destinations.

Across all new markets entered, we doubled the B2C outbound volume within the first two weeks.


“eCommerce retailer with global ambitions”

As an ecommerce retailer with customers whose expectations continue to reach new heights, we have been very happy with Ligentia’s unique approach to understanding our needs and creating a tailored, scalable solution.

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