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Case study

Delivering end-to-end supply chain expertise for healthcare start-up MedFlow

MedFlow provides ancillary supplies and equipment to clinical trials and laboratories globally. It sources and supplies goods ranging from needles, syringes and Covid-19 testing kits, to centrifuges, ECG machines and biosafety cabinets.

After launching the business in 2019, MedFlow began operating its global supply chain in 2020, having previously only served the UK domestic market, and today it provides global sourcing, procurement and supply speciality services, giving customers a single source for 1000s of products in various countries. When the team required one-off support with a shipment from the UK to Jordan, Ligentia quickly found a solution for them – and the partnership grew swiftly from there.

Challenge: Seeking a trusted partner to support with rapid growth during COVID

As a relatively young business rapidly expanding into new geographical markets, MedFlow was in need of reliable international supply chain expertise. The team recognised that they needed a trusted partner to support with their end-to-end supply chain management.

In a disrupted and turbulent shipping market where space had become incredibly tight and rates were high, cost-efficiency had become a significant issue. What’s more, with MedFlow’s suppliers arranging shipping on its behalf, the business didn’t have the control it needed to address these costs and find better value solutions. The MedFlow team also felt ‘in the dark’ when it came to visibility, often unsure of when exactly shipments were likely to appear. As a business passionate about delivering for its customers, this unreliability was a major issue.

Solution: End-to-end supply chain management underpinned by an expert team

Today, Ligentia acts as a true extension of the MedFlow team, handling full end-to-end management of the business’ international supply chain, including:

  • Managing import and export air freight
  • Domestic and international trucking
  • Warehouse storage
  • Customs Clearance paperwork
  • Insurance
  • Liaising with suppliers
  • Liaising with carriers
  • Working closely and consultatively with MedFlow’s UK team

The Ligentia team have enabled MedFlow to stop using suppliers to arrange shipments and ultimately address the high costs they had previously been facing. Having built a good understanding of what MedFlow products are needed and by when, we are able to provide them with service options we know will work for them – some options may be lower cost, while others prioritise speed.

Furthermore, our relationships with carriers mean that we can – on a regular basis – provide MedFlow with more choice when it comes to service provision.

These solutions, combined with Ligentia’s close and consultative relationship with MedFlow, provide the MedFlow team with an altogether more reliable service they know they can have confidence in. Building on a foundation of open, honest communication, Ligentia is able to provide MedFlow with up-to-date information on their shipments, as well as any market disruption or challenges that arise. This, in turn, has created a relationship where our teams can discuss, advise and challenge in a healthy and forward-thinking manner.

MedFlow Clinical

“An integral part of our team”

Ligentia was and is an integral part of the MedFlow Clinical team. Without Ligentia’s support and expertise very early on MedFlow would have had to negotiate the often troubled waters of shipping goods around the world. However, with their support we were able to take a leap on our competitors and gain an advantage. We look forward to the continued partnership with the Ligentia team.

  • Chris Smith, Managing Director
  • MedFlow Clinical

Impact: A consultative partnership driving value, reliability and confidence

For MedFlow, the Ligentia team have effectively become their supply chain department, managing their end-to-end international supply chain.

This has delivered benefits including:

  • Control: By removing MedFlow’s reliance on suppliers arranging shipments, Ligentia has given the MedFlow team the control they required to continue to grow the business
  • Reduced costs: Through robust carrier relationships and the expertise of our people, we have been able to provide MedFlow with better value shipping options that meet their customers’ requirements
  • On time and on budget: With products now delivered on time and on budget, MedFlow benefits from a much more reliable service, which has in turn provided…
  • Confidence: MedFlow now have the confidence they will be able to deliver on customer requirements, as well as confidence to continue to scale
  • Visibility: With improved visibility of shipments and open channels of communication with the Ligentia team, MedFlow can much better manage customer expectations.

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