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Maximising value throughout the global supply chain for Mayborn Group

We’ve been working with Mayborn Group – a manufacturer and distributor of baby-led products, including those from the well-known, award-winning tommee tippee® brand – for more than ten years.

Working as a true extension of the Mayborn team, we provide an end-to-end solution that maximises value across their global supply chain.

As a global and popular brand that sells through major retailers, product availability is paramount for Mayborn. With this front of mind – as well as ensuring Mayborn always get the best value – our team manages 100% of their sea freight shipments across multiple trade lanes, including:

  • From Mayborn’s manufacturing hub in Morocco to the US
  • From Asia to the US
  • From Asia to the UK
  • From the UK to Australia
  • From Asia to Australia

We handle all of Mayborn’s consolidation at Asia origin for any products not shipped direct from its factory, and provide space at our Yantian and Hong Kong 3PL warehouses, where we do picking and packing for delivery to B2B businesses locally.

When time is of the essence, we are also able to supplement sea freight with air freight options.

The Mayborn team benefit from access to our supply chain management platform Ligentix. The platform delivers full visibility of POs and the PO journey, and enables users to drill down to specific SKUs / items. Via a visual control tower, we can provide clear visibility of orders at different stages of the supply chain, and intuitive warehouse and shipping calendars. Exception reporting allows the Mayborn team to focus on any orders falling out of agreed tolerance levels and provides a clear focus.

With all movements and milestones tracked for every SKU, we are able to provide analytics and reporting that offer insights into operations and highlight areas for improvement.

Mayborn has multiple entities across Hong Kong, Australia, the US and Morocco. We’ve built strong partnerships between our local teams and Mayborn’s teams in these locations, which means we’re always on-hand to support with the management of their supply chain regardless of location or timezone.

As part of our long-standing partnership with Mayborn, our team also look to identify ways to drive efficiencies, such as reducing costs, improving lead times and improving cashflow. An example of this is looking at rationalising supply routes. Instead of sending volume from Asia to the UK and back out to different destinations, we have provided a solution where goods move direct from origin to destination, bypassing the UK DC. This will help lower inventory levels in their warehouse.


“Elastyczność i ciągłe doskonalenie”

Współpraca z zespołem Grupy Ligentia pokazuje, że znają oni naszą działalność od podszewki i potrafią sprawnie reagować, gdy musimy sprostać skokowym wzrostom popytu. Jednak poza codziennym sprawnym funkcjonowaniem naszego łańcucha dostaw regularnie się spotykamy, aby dokonać przeglądu ogólnej wydajności łańcucha dostaw w odniesieniu do celów. Zawsze szukamy sposobów na to, by działać oszczędniej i mądrzej, i widzimy, że nasze własne zaangażowanie w ciągłe doskonalenie wpisuje się w podejście zespołu Grupy Ligentia.

  • Neal Austin, globalny dyrektor ds. operacyjnych
  • Mayborn

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