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Case study

Oiling the wheels of this energy giant in Australia

Headquartered in France, TotalEnergies is a major manufacturer of oil and synthetic lubricants with an ongoing commitment to the quality of its products.

The purpose of those world-class engine oils and other lubricants is to reduce friction, minimise loss of power, and enable machinery to operate more efficiently. And, in many ways that’s a perfect summary of the logistics services that we deliver for them across Australia: what we do helps to keep their customers’ operations running smoothly.

TotalEnergies trust Ligentia to provide services for them that enhance their brand perception and recognition amongst their customers – a diverse group including world-leading motor manufacturers, shipping and aerospace companies, mining operators, food producers and those operating in the new and renewable energy sectors.

For the last ten years, we have been managing their import shipments, contract logistics across Australia and last mile deliveries, at the same time expanding our own footprint in the country to align with their growth.

This relationship has evolved significantly over time, with the original engagement in 2013 covering 800 pallets in a single location (Melbourne). Ten years on, we now freight forward and customs clear over 3,000 TEU per year inbound, and manage 12,500 pallet locations across six locations in Australia.

The solution

Many of TotalEnergies’ products arrive in Australia having been shipped from the company’s blending facilities in Singapore, UAE, France and South Korea from where we provide purchase order and container tracking services for them.

On arrival at port in Australia, many forms of documentation are required before the goods’ journey to their ultimate destinations. To facilitate this, we arrange import customs clearance, coordinate releases of cargoes from shipping lines and facilitate wharf cartage of containers to Ligentia 3PL locations and TotalEnergies’ own bulk fluid storage facilities.

When arranging local wharf cartage to one of our six warehouses located across the East and West Coasts of Australia, we provide a full end-to-end third party logistics solution. From these warehouses, we arrange sales order picking and dispatch to TotalEnergies’ customers. In other cases, 20’ flexi-tank containers are delivered to specialised ‘pump out’ facilities where these containers are decanted to specific end user requirements.

As part of our third party logistics solution and with tight inventory management a priority, we capture data such as SKU and purchase order details, production and expiry dates and batch IDs. This data is then flowed into our warehouse management system where we hold it securely. All outbound orders are managed based on earliest expiry date. With many products having a two-year shelf life, older products need to be moved first to avoid the potential for expensive redundant goods.

Australia is a major centre for the world’s mining industry, and many mining companies depend on TotalEnergies’ products for the smooth running of their vehicles and mining equipment. We can therefore be called upon to make ‘hotshot’ deliveries to mine sites – extremely urgent deliveries of 208-litre drums and 1,000l IBCs that need to reach their destination as quickly as possible. These urgent deliveries can occur 24/7/365 and are vital to ensuring mining operations do not grind to a halt.

The impact

In Ligentia, TotalEnergies recognises a logistics partner that shares its commitment to quality and customer-centricity.

Around 2,000 20-foot containers of products clear customs each year as the result of our services, and we store around 10,000 pallets of inventory safely and securely.

Our six warehouses across the country enable the next-day delivery capabilities needed to secure the large contracts that a company of TotalEnergies’ industry stature is used to winning. A motor manufacturer, for example, will have hundreds of dealerships and service centres in Australia, and it is essential that wherever those are – in urban or rural areas – they can be reached quickly. Speed to market is therefore a major benefit.

With our accurate inventory management, TotalEnergies now has improved visibility of its stock and is able to manage it more efficiently, with older products able to be moved first. Due to our product labelling and RF scanning capabilities, TotalEnergies’ has enjoyed a ‘delivery in full, on time’ rate of 99.8%.

Thanks to the trust established during the course of our long-term partnership, TotalEnergies is able to rely on us to deliver the fast, accurate service its customers expect – responsibly, in a genuine spirit of collaboration…and, appropriately, free of friction.

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