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Case study

Rapid response in a global pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a huge increase in demand for this customer’s products. Find out how they met the challenge.

Our customer is a privately owned British company supplying healthcare protective equipment and consumables around the world, including to over 90% of the UK healthcare market. In 2020, the business expanded into a multimillion pound enterprise overnight.


The COVID-19 pandemic led to a huge increase in demand for our customer’s products. They needed to respond quickly, delivering to both UK warehouses and international markets. In some cases, this meant entry into a completely new market for them. Additionally, it was important for the customer to be able to respond quickly to frequent changes in industry legislation.

Our Solution

With a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s requirements, we were able to provide a tailored solution that

  • Completing the rapid setup of UK warehousing in order to receive, pick and dispatch over 15,000 – all within 48 hours
  • Implementing our state-of-the-art Ligentix technology, we provided the customer with more control and visibility of their supply chain with supplier booking in origin country
  • Acting as an extension of the customer’s team, we began managing deliveries to NHS warehouses and handling exports to international markets


  • As well as providing greater visibility and control of the customer’s supply chain, Ligentix has enabled reporting on visibility or inbound shipments
  • Through Ligentia’s in-country support, the customer was able to successfully enter a new market in Australia
  • Suppliers are now better engaged at origin, ensuring correct documentation and customs checks to combat weekly legislation changes

“"Rapid response when it was needed the most"”

Ligentia’s expertise and commitment to finding solutions quickly ensured our customers received their goods on-time during the most challenging periods.

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