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Case study

Using technology to simplify operations for a fast-growing UK online fashion retailer

Our Ligentix technology has a radical effect in simplifying logistics operations for a fast-growing UK online fashion retailer with multiple brands and 13 complex, global supply chains.

Our Q1 2022 implementation and ongoing management of supply chain technologies for the retailer has made the company more efficient, delivered significant cost savings and demonstrated the positive, transformational difference that our innovative approach can make to complex supply chains.

Ligentix is our cloud-based technology that simplifies collaboration across the supply chain. Users can search and visualise the entire end-to-end supply chain in real-time, in context, or drill down for granular detail.

Its four modules provide shipment visibility (allowing access to real-time data related to the order process, inventory, delivery, and potential disruptions); order management (allowing customers to manage every purchase order booked with their suppliers through Ligentia), analytics (providing real-time data and detailed analysis allowing organisations to make better, more informed decisions across global supply chains); and a customer hub (providing customers with 365/24/7 online customer service, via phone, chat, email, WhatsApp or WeChat.

With the consolidated 360o view of their business they gain from Ligentix, customers have key marketing information and customised reporting at their fingertips to help them optimise their supply chain.

This insight can be gained swiftly, with an average implementation time of just 8 weeks as opposed to the industry average of 12 weeks, and tailored to the customers’ individual needs due to the modular approach.

Within this specific customer’s business, the buyers for its 13 brands handle over 230,000 SKUs and more than 50,000 POs each year, with merchandise arriving at five distribution centres across the UK.

However, without access to technology that would give them visibility of supply chain movements, the group was heavily reliant on the use of spreadsheets and manual reporting. In fact, with email used to approve inbound shipments between brands, suppliers and the forwarder, the customer was exchanging over 600,000 emails each year just for that purpose.

This inefficiency stopped after they chose Ligentia to implement Ligentix right across the business’s supply chain function.

The benefits have been transformational, giving the company visibility of its supply chain, and enabling it to access information via self-serve reports rather than manually via a series of emailed requests. These bespoke reports provide the customer’s merchandisers with all the information that they need for their purchase orders and are custom-made in business intelligence tool Qlik Sense each day and sent across the group.

This automation has reduced the use of email by 98%, cut support requests by over 50% and allowed productivity efficiencies to be made.

As we now manage other 3PLs, the customer can take advantage of low-cost transactional opportunities while we oversee supply chain activities from vendor relationships, to reporting and technology integration.