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Invest in a company going beyond boundaries

More than ever before, having efficient supply chains is an important part of getting us through our daily lives. Just take the pandemic for example, from delivering life-saving PPE, to long lead times on furniture we saw just how much disruption can affect every part of society. Ligentia is right at the heart of this demanding industry, helping develop more sustainable and agile supply chains for some of the world's best-known brands. But it wouldn’t be possible without investors like you. Find out more about our investment opportunities today.

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An ever-growing business

We’ve been trusted for over 25 years to keep goods moving around the globe. From our team of passionate problem solvers, to our smart technology, to our flexible infrastructure, we go above and beyond to create simpler supply chain management. Our growth story has been strong and consistent, with accelerated expansion in the last three years, attracting big investment from Equistone Partners Europe in February 2021.

Why we're different

Supply chains with no boundaries

Established in 1996 as a freight forwarder, we’ve been growing ever since. With carrier independence and adaptable processes, we can flex and change around our customers’ needs. We’ve always gone where they need us, be that by their side, or where they can’t be. It’s why you’ll find hubs in key manufacturing locations like Asia, Oceania, Europe, and North America with impressive growth plans for the future.

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Thinking beyond with tech

We work closely with our customers to plan for what’s next. We anticipate the unexpected, adapting as necessary, to make sure goods arrive on time. All of this is possible through Ligentix, our supply chain management platform, which helps to inform critical decision-making across the entire supply chain. Ligentix ‘big picture’ view also means we can help people understand and reduce carbon in their supply chain, making it easier to achieve sustainability goals.


Going above and beyond

Backed by clever technology and unrivaled expertise, our people are confident supply chain problem solvers. A 1300 strong global team of dedicated, focused and energetic experts. We love building strong relationships as we give our customers the ever-greater supply chain advantage. It runs through everything we do from our software and services, to customer experience. Delivering a best-in-class, flexible service focused on their needs, taking away supply chain pain.

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Our services

Services go here.

Rail freight

Move your freight sustainably overland with our reliable and timely rail freight services, including export and import shipments, FCL and LCL and cross-trade transport.

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Value added services

Assembly and kitting, pre-retail services, repacking - you name it, we can help with value added services in both origin and destination locations.

Read more

eCommerce logistics

Scalable, seamless and efficient eCommerce solutions

Read more

Contract logistics

We've got 25+ years' experience delivering a complete range of 3PL services – from arrival delivery and processing, all the way to distribution, value-added services, and fulfilment.

Read more

Project logistics

With over 25 years of experience handling complex and large-scale logistics projects, our specialise project cargo team has got you covered.

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Road freight

We offer reliable and timely road freight services across Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA.

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Customs clearance

We offer our specialist customs clearance solutions. Find out more about how we can help you.

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Air freight

Laser-focused on speed, efficiency and reliability, we've got the connections and expertise to deliver exactly the right air freight services for you.

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Ocean freight

Discover how we can help you maximise the efficiency of your ocean freight operations. We'll take care of the heart of your global supply chain.

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